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The Basics Of A Commercial Mortgage

Saturday, June 30th, 2007 commercial
mortgages for business owners and people looking to starting
their business.

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Mortgages From The Past And The Present

Saturday, June 30th, 2007
cheap mortgages at
and endowment mortgages at

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Methuselah Loans – Payable For 969 Years?

Saturday, June 30th, 2007
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How To Get The Best Deal On A Secured Loan Uk

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

A secured loan is one of the easiest types of loans to get.
Lenders are much more likely to offer a secured loan over other
types of loans because they are lower risk. So, a borrower
looking for a secured loan is not likely to have to look too

However, the ease of finding a lender may just be a bad thing.
Many people forget that lenders are not created equal and when
it comes to loans you have to shop around.

Getting the best secured loan UK is about shopping around. A
borrower should not be so quick to accept the first offer
extended to them. Doing so could be costly. Rates and fees will
vary form lender to lender. When you borrower money you are not
just going to have to pay back the amount you borrowed, but you
have to pay back interest.

Interest is how the lenders make money. Basically they are
charging you to loan you money. Interest rates are the biggest
thing a borrower has to look for when shopping around for a
secured loan UK.

Of course, the interest rate alone is not going to be the
deciding factor. A borrower has to make sure the lender will
loan them the amount they need, offer a good payback term and
not have demanding conditions.

Some things to think about are penalties and service fees. Many
lenders tack on unnecessary charges or penalties and it is very
important to understand before getting a loan.

The ideal loan will have a low interest rate, no hidden fees
and be for a reasonable term. The exact details of the loan are
going to vary form lender to lender and with the borrower. The
borrower will be very influential in the specifics of the loan.

The borrowers credit history is going to be one the main
factors used to determine the interest rate. The lower a
borrowers credit score, the higher the interest rate will be.
Additionally, if the borrower has credit problems then the
lender is likely to impose restrictions upon the terms of the

The best way for a borrower to really check out different
lenders is for them to understand their own credit history and
how it will influence the lenders decisions.

They should approach each lender and be able to give them a
general idea of their financial situation. It also helps to get
quotes in writing because once the lender runs a borrowers
credit they may decide to completely change the deal.

Working with a lender can be challenging. Lenders are out to
make money off lending money. The bottom line is they want to
see how much they can make off the loan.

Besides wanting a borrower who will pay back the loan, they
want a borrower who is willing to pay fees and interest. A
smart shopper will be someone who can get the lender to take a
pay cut and get a secured loan UK that is affordable and fair.

About The Author: James Copper is a mortgage broker with over
30 years experience. He works for as
a Secured Loan UK Advisor. In his spare time he writes on all
things finance and real estate related.

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ís, Bís & Cís of Student Loans

Friday, June 29th, 2007

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Learning the A’s, B’s & C’s of Student Loans
Today, student loans allow many who would otherwise be
unable to afford the costs of higher learning the ability
to obtain a college education. College loans are ideal in
that they do not require the student to begin repayment
until after graduation, which means there is more time to
focus on studying and less time worrying about paying for
an education. The best way to learn about student loans is
to speak with the admissions office at your college of
choice and/or request an application.

After years of studying and working toward a degree that
will push students toward a bright future, graduation time
finally arrives. Along with it, the start of repayment on
college loans. Many young adults graduate with the desire
to relocate, find employment or get married and, often, the
student loan debt facing them seems overwhelming. Luckily,
student loan consolidation plans are available to help if
payments should ever fall behind or become impossible to

Speaking of falling behind, one of the most common reasons
that individuals request a consolidation for their college
loans is because they are in default. Student loans cannot
be discharged in bankruptcy and, when in default, the only
way to regain control of this type of debt is often through
a student loan consolidation. If college loans remain in
default, or go unpaid, for a long period of time, a wage
garnishment may be pursued to ensure collection of the debt.

There are many benefits to requesting a student loan
consolidation, including the ability to sometimes reduce
payments by as much as 50% or receive a fixed rate for the
life of the loan. Most student loan consolidation programs
require no application fee and, in some cases, no credit
check. Lenders may have different policies and/or fees
relating to student loan consolidation, so be sure to ask
any questions that you may have prior to signing any
documents or submitting an application.

If you are considering college or have a child who is
approaching their senior year in high school, now may be
the time to start thinking about applying for student
loans. Some students work full time and attempt to study
just to afford an education. While this approach shows
great resolve, it often results in a student who has little
time to learn and feels as though he/she is being stretched
too thin. Student loans are designed to help degree
seekers take the time to experience the wonderful journey
of college without the stress of worrying about how to pay
for it.

The information contained in this article is designed to be
used for reference purposes only. It should not be used
as, in place of or in conjunction with professional
financial advice relating to college loans, student
consolidation loan programs or any similar type of loan
program. For additional information on student loans,
check with the admissions office at your college of choice
or request information on consolidation loans from a lender
specializing in student loan debt.

About the Author:

Andrew Daigle is an author and creator of many
informational websites including for different
types of loans and ForexBoost at
Free Forex Training Resource

Get The Holiday Of Your Dreams With A Hotel Loan

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Considering the stressful jobs many of us have today, it is
very important to take a break from the daily routine every now
and then. In fact, to maintain good health, and combat stress,
many experts recommend that you take two vacations a year, and
as many day trips or weekend breaks as you can practically
afford. Short breaks in luxury hotels could be just the thing
to rejuvenate both mind and body, but, when you are on a tight
budget, such breaks can be difficult to manage. A hotel loan
could be just the thing to help you have the vacation you want
at the time you choose. Hotel loans can be obtained from
credit card companies, your bank, and as personal loans from
certain financing organizations.

Who Qualifies For Hotel Loans?

In order to qualify for a hotel loan you need to have a stable
job, which means you need to be employed for at least six month
in that concern and have a relatively good credit score. If you
don’t have a good credit score, you may still get a hotel loan
but you will have higher interest rates to pay back, this is a
measure of precaution that most lenders will take to ensure
that they get their money back.

Tips and Advice

Sometimes, the hotel themselves will extend an offer of a hotel
loan to a person celebrating a special occasion at there hotel.
Honeymoons and wedding anniversaries are the most common
instances. Often, in those circumstances, the loan will be
interest free, however to qualify for this you will likely need
a very good credit score.

It is fairly easy to get a hotel loan even if you have a very
poor credit history, or no credit history at all. A hotel loan
will allow you to relax and get away from the daily grind for a
little while, but remember that it is a good idea to make sure
you pay off your hotel loan before getting another one. If you
do not do this, then the amount you owe from these vacations can
quickly mount up!

Hotel loans are a great way to have a mini getaway when you
want one, but remember that you are paying interest on the
loan, and that you should try to pay them off as quickly as
possible. If you pay your loan regularly, and on time, then
not only will you be free of it quicker, but next time you want
one it could be approved much more quickly =96 perhaps even in
minutes, and you will be able to get away again and again.

About The Author: Looking for great travel accommodations?
Visit for helpful
articles about the best hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts and
home exchange programs.

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An Equity Hawaii Home Loan Rate Can Be Good For Your Health

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Your eyes slowly begin to close as you start to doze. You dream
that you have escaped the stresses and worries of your office
cum cubicle cum prison cell. Your business suit has been traded
in for your new uniform: a swimsuit. There are no annoying cell
phone ringtones playing, no meetings to attend, and no
appointments to keep! Your new co-worker is a crab busily
digging a hole in the sand. Suddenly, a thunderous crashing
sound awakens you, transporting you back to your beachside
Hawaiian resort. The crashing sound was a breaking wave. You
could see it from where you are reclining, with a mango shake
in arm’s reach. If you want to permanently enjoy Hawaii’s
healthy lifestyle, you must find the best equity Hawaii home
loan rate to make it happen.

Anchored Islands

Mark Twain once described Hawaii as “the loveliest fleet of
islands that lies anchored in any ocean.” Today, the islands
produce more than surfboards and pineapples. Though housing in
Hawaii is difficult to secure, the population grows steadily.
If you can secure an ideal equity Hawaii home loan rate, the
cost of a slice of paradise is certainly worth it, however.
This is doubly true if you want to improve you health in a
tropical environment.

Club Mother Nature

It is never fun to be cooped at home with the flu, in the
middle of wintertime. Why put yourself through that, when
Hawaii offers an endless list of activities? You can go on a
horseback ride to the apex of Hiilawe, one of the state’s
loveliest waterfalls. If you prefer to travel above land, you
can rent a parasail and get a bird’s eye view of the main
island. But if you want to be a fish for a day, you can go
snorkelling through the Molokini Marine Preserve. All of these
activities let you stretch your muscles without overextending
your budget. Even better, all you need to enjoy them is to find
the best equity Hawaii home loan rate. Locating the perfect
equity Hawaii home late rate can put you within striking
distance of these workouts at Club Mother Nature.

Health Nut

Many of the tropical plants that surround you during your
Hawaiian excursions have edible fruits. The banana and
pineapple are old standards, but what are some more exotic
tropical fruits in Hawaii?

* The mango is somewhat oval in shape, with a sweet-smelling
organ flesh that covers a huge middle seed. The mango contains
much vitamin C and A, and though you cannot make a penny out of
it, it has some copper as well. After one taste of this fruit,
finding the lowest equity Hawaii home loan rate might become
your next mission in life.

* The jackfruit, which can have a weight of up to 100 pounds,
is the fig’s huge relative. This fruit contains tiny spines and
its shape is either oblong or oval. A ripe jackfruit has a
plain, sweet flavor and is often used in deserts. Jackfruits
are fairly high in vitamin C.

* Macadamian nuts are a healthy ingredient for chocolates and
cookies. This fruit became one of Hawaii’s commercial crops in
the 20th century. Macadamian nuts are an excellent source of
calcium, potassium, and protein. But removing the stubborn
kernel from its shell can be an operation that requires a
screwdriver and bench vice.

Hawaii can be good for your health. Several activities around
the islands can keep you in shape, while local tropical fruits
can give you the extra energy that you need. Locating the
lowest equity Hawaii home loan rate is the first step in
transforming Club Paradise into Home Sweet Home.

About The Author: Wanna know more about equity Hawaii home loan
rate (
)? Visit to get a free mortgage quote
( ) or look for brokers, such as
a California mortgage lender ( ).

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Interest Only Home Loans — Are They Right For You?

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Interest-only home loans are a phenomenon that has been gaining
strength and popularity over the last decade or so. The
fundamental principle of an interest-only home loan is that the
buyer is only responsible for paying the interest on the
mortgage for a fixed period of time, often between five and
seven years. This sounds fantastic until that interest-only
period has expired and its time to pay off the principal, on
which you haven’t made any progress since you signed the
mortgage. That said, interest-only loans can be right for some

The Pros

The best part about an interest-only home loan is obviously
that the payments will be significantly reduced for a period of
at least five years after initially signing the mortgage. This
can allow you to purchase a property that you may not otherwise
have been able to afford. You can use the money saved on your
initial payments as investment capital in order to prepare for
the higher payments that will come down the road. You can also
prepare in such a way as to be able to pay off the entire
mortgage once the interest-only period has expire.

It should be becoming increasingly clear that interest-only
home loans are only for certain types of people. For the person
that is primarily paid through commission or bonuses, the loan
can be great. During off-months the buyer can make the minimum
payment on the interest only; on months when a bonus or
commission came in, he can pay off huge chunks of the
principal. It could also be good for someone who can reasonably
be expecting to make more money before the interest-only portion
of the loan has expired. This could be because of an anticipated
promotion or an investment opportunity for which the saved
mortgage money will be used.

The Cons

Lenders and brokers are pushing interest-only home loans
aggressively these days, which should give you some indication
that they can be a slippery slope for many types of people.
Wage earners and salary earners without a reliable expectation
for increased income over the next five years should be
cautioned not to sign on an interest-only home loan.

Consider this: if you sign an interest-only home loan with an
interest-only payment period of seven years and pay the minimum
payment every month for those seven years, every single dollar
you’ve paid has been wasted. You still owe your creditor the
entire value of the house. At that point you’ll need to begin
paying the interest and the principal, and your monthly
payments will go through the roof. Buyers should not use an
interest-only home loan simply as a means to affording better
property now. It should be used to leverage the money saved on
the initial payments into being able to afford a better
property over the long run. If this does not describe you, you
should probably stay away from interest-only home loans.

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Mortgage Lenders In San Diego Can Bring You Closer To Seals And Navy Seals

Friday, June 29th, 2007

You spot the huge creature standing in the distance as it
raises its lengthy trunk straight up into the air. It starts
trumpeting. The deafening sound it makes is no jazz, that’s for
certain. Then, the enormous mammal points its 400-pound tusks at
you and its 15,000-pound body charges towards you! Your mind
tells you to move, but your body refuses. The beast runs closer
and closer, until you find yourself peering into the eyes of
true terror. And then, suddenly, it slows down! The creature
extends its trunk, which is powerful enough to knock down
trees, towards you. You quickly reach into your pocket, pull
out a handful of peanuts, and then uncurl your fingers towards
the animal. The elephant happily uses its trunk to suck them up
like a vacuum, and then tosses them into its mouth. Does this
sound like a scene plucked out of a movie? It shouldn’t. It
could easily happen to you in real life. In fact, if you want
to live where you can enjoy fantastic sites like the
world-famous San Diego Zoo, consider hunting for a mortgage
lender in San Diego.

Birds, Base, and Burgundy
Have you ever considered living in San Diego? It is the home of
a famous zoo, a Super Bowl-playing team, and the wacky fictional
character Ron Burgundy from the 2004 film “Anchorman.” San Diego
is known as “the Birthplace of California,” and has an amazing
amount of diversity in its landscape, travel destinations, and
population. Many visitors are attracted to its moderate
temperatures, and they search the city for a mortgage lender in
San Diego, with the goal of eventually making their home there.

A Zoo Out There
The San Diego Zoo remains one of the city’s most popular
tourist spots. It has one of the largest collections of birds,
reptiles, and mammals in the entire world! In fact, the zoo’s
collection includes over 800 animal species and 6,000 plant
species. The San Diego zoo was founded in 1916 and covers an
enormous area of about 100-acres. In addition to the zoo
itself, the Sand Diego Wild Animal Park lies about 30 miles
northwest. There, you can see about 400 animal species in
realistic Asian and African habitats. If you are an animal
lover, you might want to consider talking to a mortgage lender
in San Diego. The wild doesn’t just call out to you in San
Diego; it howls.

Touching Base
The Naval Base San Diego, home to a fleet of metal predators,
functions as the largest U.S. navy base on the United States’
west coast. After the U.S. government purchased the base, the
area began to explode with growth. Today, the Naval Base San
Diego is completely modern and is virtually a city within a
city. The base is home to about 50 ships, while roughly 40,000
employees work there. If you will become one of those workers,
you might consider contacting a mortgage lender in San Diego.

Surf’s Up, Dude!
Not all of the water activities in San Diego are strictly
business. Famous for its beaches, San Diego is home to a
thriving skateboarding and surfing culture. In fact,
skateboarder Tony Hawk and pro surfer Rob Machado live in the
San Diego area! Windanesea, Swamis, and Black’s Beach are some
of the surfing hot-sports, and the city even includes a local
surf shop chain. Furthermore, some of the skateboarding and
surfing industries’ largest companies have built their
headquarters in San Diego. If you want to make the city your
headquarters for rest and relaxation, talk to a mortgage lender
in San Diego.

Various nationwide polls have pegged San Diego as one of the
best places in California to live in. Whether it’s the lives of
Navy seals or the mating of seals that interest you, contacting
a mortgage lender in San Diego is the first step in making the
sunny city your permanent address.

About The Author: Looking for a free mortgage quote ( )? Whether you need figures from
a mortgage lender in San Diego ( )
or want to know more about 30-year mortgage rates ( ),
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Personal Loans – The Facts And The Basics

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Personal loans are usually unsecured loans for a small amount
of money. They are given for any use. Banks have not always
been so happy to give personal loans, though. Personal loans
are not profitable because they are short term loans on such a
small amount.

They are also unsecured which banks tend to try to avoid since
it is completely relent upon the individual to get the money
paid back. However, more and more lenders are seeing personal
loans as being a great way to connect with customers.

When searching for a personal loan a person needs to first
establish how much money they would like to borrow. Typically a
personal loan is for a small amount, such as a couple thousand
dollars. They should also consider if there is an alternative
way to get the money besides borrowing.

This will help a person avoid debt problems should they end up
not being able to payback the personal loan. Once they have
decided on the amount of the loan and that getting a loan is
their best option they should shop around for the best loan.

If you are looking to borrow more, say around 20,000 then it
might be advisable to use a loans broker. These brokers will
have access to a whole range of different lenders and offers.

So if you have bad credit or are self employed they will be
able to find you a suitable lender. Of course there will be a
small fee involved, so it is best to speak to a few brokers and
see what they to offer.

Personal loans have various terms depending upon the lender. It
is very important to get the terms and conditions of the loan
before ever applying. Every time a person applies for a loan
their credit is checked. Too many credit checks, especially in
a short period of time, can bring down a persons credit score.
Always narrow down to one or two choices of lenders before

One of the best places to look first is a credit union. Credit
unions typically are more willing than a bank to extend a
personal loan. They are also more willing to offer loans on
amounts as small as 500.

Using a credit union will help a person to not borrow too much,
just what they need. They will also likely get the best
interest rates and have a better chance of getting approved for
the loan.

A personal loan should be used sparingly. It is not wise to use
personal loans when you are having debt troubles as this just
creates more debt problems. A personal loan is perfect for
someone who has an unexpected expense come up or who just needs
some extra cash.

They are not good to be used to pay regular bills or make
payments against a debt. Using a personal loan is this way is a
sign you have debt problems. Remember a personal loan is another
debt that you will have to repay.

As long as a person is smart and shops around they should be
able to handle a personal loan and get the money they need

About The Author: James Copper is a mortgage broker with over
30 years experience. He works for as a
Secured Personal Loans Advisor. In his spare time he writes on
all things finance and investment related.

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