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Mobile Home Lenders, Financing And Mortgages

Friday, September 14th, 2007 featuring new and used mobile homes for
sale across America. Jeff Blackwell is also the Designated
Broker for a full service
real estate brokerage specializing in mobile homes for sale in

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Problem Remortgage

Friday, September 14th, 2007

How To Avoid Loan Sharks

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

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The Costs Of An Early Loan Settlement

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

out a loan and now find yourself in a
position to pay back the amount early, you should consider the
costs of early loan settlement. Although fewer lenders are
charging for early loan settlement, there are still many
lenders that will charge you for settling your loan amount
early. If you want to know more about the costs of early loan
settlement, then here are some useful tips for you.

Why do lenders charge for early settlement?

Lenders charge for early settlement because they will not make
as much money off you. If you kept paying the loan back then
you would make the lender more in interest payments. Therefore,
they will charge you if you want to pay back the remaining
amount early.

How much do lenders charge?

Although the amount lenders charge varies, it is usually no
more than 1 or 2 months’ interest payment. This usually does
not apply in the last six months of the loan, although this
depends on the length of the loan term. There are many more
lenders that don’t charge for early settlement these days, so
if you are getting a new loan then look for one of the

Early settlement limits

Although some harsher loans charge you for any amount you pay
back early, many loan companies allow you to pay back a maximum
amount without charging you. This varies from company to
company, but can allow you to pay back a certain amount early
without charge. However, if you want to pay back the full
amount then you will still be charged.

When to settle early

Although early settlement can cost money, if you can afford to
do it then there are times when it definitely pays to settle
your loan balance early. If you still have a number of years to
run on your loan amount and the repayment penalty is not too
high, then paying back the remaining amount will save you a lot
of money in interest payments. However, if you only have a few
months left then it may not be worth settling early, unless
your loan has no charge for doing so.

Alternatives to early settlement

If early settlement is not viable, then consider saving the
money you would use to pay off the loan amount. By putting that
money in a high interest account you could help to counteract
the interest you are paying on the loan. If there are amounts
you can pay back without being charged, then do so. Also, if
you are looking for a new loan and early repayment is a
definite possibility for you, then look at flexible loans that
allow you this option. Although they have higher interest
rates, flexible loans will allow you to overpay at any time you
want without charging you. As long as you are aware of the costs
involved in early settlement, you will know whether it is
cost-effective to pay offyour loan early or not.

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The Dangers Of Introductory Loan Rates

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

pted by an offer of a loan that seems =EBtoo good
to be true, then it probably is. Although there are many
excellent loan rates and offers out there, it pays to be
cautious about introductory loan offers. Being cautious will
help you to avoid being conned and ending up paying more than
you should. If you want to know how to separate the good offers
from the bad, then here is some advice for you.

Advance fees for a low rate

Once trick you should avoid is the companies who ask for an
advance loan fee which will be returned to you after a period
of time, and in exchange you will get a really low interest
rate. These companies are usually bogus, and you will probably
never hear from them again, having lost your advance fee and
received no other funds. Always make sure the companies you
apply for loans from are reputable companies with an excellent

Low rates but high fees

Although some low rates really are low, they come with other
hidden charges and fees that will cost you large sums of money.
You might have to pay large processing fees, or the fees for
late payment and early repayment might be extremely high.
Before taking advantage of the low loan rate, make sure that
the other charges are not going to cost you huge amounts of

APR advertising not always true

Although you might see a great offer for a loan, the APR that
they advertise might not be the one you can actually get. This
APR is probably true, but is only given to people with perfect
credit records over a certain period of time. In general, the
APR you can get will be higher than this, meaning the loan will
not be as great an offer as you think.

Pre-approval letters

Another danger when looking at introductory loan offers is
pre-approval letters. Although less common than credit card
letters, getting letters through the post guaranteeing a great
loan are getting more common. All you have to do is fill in the
form and you will have the loan. However, the lenders might
employ the =EBbait and switch’ technique. This means that the
amount you are =EBpre-approved’ to borrow at the great interest
rate will be replaced with a lower amount at a much higher
rate. You have already signed the agreement and might be stuck
with the loan. Make sure that with any loan you apply for that
you are really getting what you want.

Good offers are out there

Despite the dangers, there are plenty of great offers
available. Lenders are more eager to lend you money than ever,
and are consistently reducing their interest rates in order to
entice customers. The only danger with this is that you will
borrow more than you can really afford to repay, which will
leave you in serious financial difficulty. However, as long as
you shop around for a reputable loan deal and borrow only what
you can afford, you will avoid the dangers of introductory loan

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Auto Loan New Car

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

a new car? Do you want to purchase a new car
to replace your current worn down vehicle? If yes is your
answer, then you might want to think about your purchase and
getting a loan for your new investment. When buying a new car,
you are simply making an investment, except there are no
monetary advantages. With a new car you can go places and not
have to worry about a thing, however, can you avoid an auto
loan for a new car?

One question: What is your credit score? If it is above 640,
you are fine. You are considered a good candidate for any type
of loan. As long as you can keep your rating above 620 you are
considered to have good or moderate credit. However, some
people just lack credit. You can work with a lack of credit
more than bad credit. When it comes to your auto loan for a new
car you will need to go online and find an auto loan calculator.
Some will get into the math expensively and some are only basic,
but it will give you a good idea on what to expect for a monthly
payment. Once you have gathered all the information (the selling
price, rebates, trade ins, payments left on the current car, and
your interest rates) you will be able to decide rather or not
you can afford the car or if you need to lower your limit.

You should ask your dealer if you have any bad credit or marks
against your credit. They may be able to push your application
forward as a favor or to help you. Just because you have a bad
credit rating, doesn’t automatically turn you down. They
consider other things like how much you make, what you have in
your savings, what you spend, and rather or not you can
purchase the car and afford it. They want to make sure that
they will get their money back, so don’t be offended when they
ask you a bunch of personal questions. They need to judge your
character, capital, and capacity.

Basically they want to make sure that you can be trusted with
the money, that you have integrity, and that you are cable of
paying for the monthly payments and still live comfortably.
They need to make sure that they won’t lose their money in the
end. You need to be completely honest, because if not, then you
not only lose your car, but you can be charged with fraud. When
it comes to your auto loan for a new car, you need to take it
very serious, because once you sign your name you then own a
brand new car that you need to pay for.

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How To Get A Used Car Loan With No Credit – 3 Things To Know

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Every 18-year-old who has ever tried to get a loan for a new
car will tell you that it’s hard to get approved for a car loan
with no credit. It’s even more difficult if you are applying for
a used car loan because used car loans represent more of a risk
to a lender. However, getting approved for a used car loan with
no credit isn’t impossible. This article discusses three things
to keep in mind when shopping for a used car loan with no

Consider a Co-Signer

The best way to ensure that you’ll get approved for a used car
loan is to have someone with good credit co-sign on the loan.
The lender will list their name first, and that is the person
whose credit they will consider when they send the loan to a
loan officer to approve or decline it. However, you’ll want to
make sure that you pay your payments on time because your loan
goes onto both yours and your co-signer’s credit report.

Have a Parent Add Your Name to Their Credit Card

One of the quickest ways to get credit is to have your parent
add your name to their good-credit-reflecting credit cards.
This will automatically transfer all of their timely payments
to your credit report, therefore giving you good credit. If
that parent is not willing to co-sign for you, this may be the
next best alternative. This will allow you to appear as though
you have some established credit.

Borrow Less Than the Car Is Worth

When you don’t have any credit, lenders are going to want to
make sure that, even if you don’t pay your loan, they can
resale the car and get their money back. For this reason, it’s
important that you take out a loan for less than the car’s
appraised amount. For example, if the car you’re buying is
worth $10,000, you’ll want to borrow less than that amount.
Usually that means making a significant down payment. Making a
down payment makes you less of a risk to a borrower, therefore
improving your chances of being approved.

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Auto Car Loan

Monday, January 1st, 2007

When it comes to an auto car loan, you will want to think about
taking many actions before you file your application. The first
step to getting an auto car loan is to check your credit
rating. When you go for your credit rating you are able to know
exactly what your chances are. You need to have at least a 640
to be considered in good credit, however, the higher the rating
the better off you will be.

In fact, most of the time, if they get a good credit report
back for you, you will more than likely get an instant
approval. However, if you do have an “iffy” credit rating, you
will find that it will take much longer. Not only do they look
at your credit rating, but also a lot of other personal things.
Everything that you do will affect your chances of getting an
auto car loan.

When it comes to giving out loans, the creditors need to know
that you can and will pay them back. The interest that they
charge you will give them some added insurance. You should know
that there are three main topics that you are judged on and that
you need to make sure that you have nothing negative in your
file. You are basically judged by your character, capacity, and

You will also find that they need to know where you live, how
long you’ve lived there, what your assets are, what your assets
are worth, how much you have in the bank, how much you make a
month or year, if you pay your bills on time, your employee
history, and your debts. They need to know practically
everything before they are willing to give you an auto loan.

First, you need to learn how to build good character. To do
this, you have to have integrity. You have to pay your bills
correctly and on time. You have to go the extra mile to do
honest transactions and you have to make sure that you have an
outstanding character when it comes to your finances. To help
you based on capacity, this is where they compare your debts to
your credits.

They need to make sure that you have more credit than debts so
that you will be able to have a high credit rating. Basically,
you should never have more than 2/3rds of your credit used up.
Even half of your credit used could make a mark against you. As
for capital, there is not much you can do. You can get some
extra credit cards just to have more credit to increase your
capacity, but as long as you don’t ever overdraw or forget a
payment, you should be financially secured if you can focus on
building good character.

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Low Interest Rate Mortgage Refinance Loan – Benefits Of A No Obligation Refi Quote

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Getting a low rate refi loan may decrease your monthly mortgage
payments by a few hundred dollars. For this matter, homeowners
consider obtaining the lowest possible rate a primary concern.
Before accepting a refi offer, researching and comparing offers
are essential.

Benefits of a Low Rate Mortgage Refi Loan

If you are hoping to save money on your mortgage payment,
refinancing your current mortgage is the solution. Refinancing
is not ideal for everyone. Prior to applying for a new loan,
take into consideration current mortgage rate, length of time
you plan on residing in your home, and credit score.

If your current mortgage rate is comparably low, perhaps one
percentage point higher than current averages, you may not
realize huge savings from a refinancing. Moreover, if your
credit is less than perfect, some lenders may not offer superb
low rates.

Secondly, refinancing benefits homeowners who plan on living in
their home for more than seven years. If you plan to move in a
few years, the closing costs and fees paid will outweigh the

Savvy Buyers Shop Around

If contemplating a refinancing, shop around for the best loan
package. No obligation quotes are offered by various lenders.
You have the option of choosing a local lender or an online
lender. Before making a decision, request a quote from your
present mortgage company. This is beneficial for two reasons.
One, a good payment record has been established. Two, present
lenders may waive some fees. Although current lenders may remit
a great offer, do not make an immediate decision. First, obtain
quotes from three additional lenders.

What are Online No-Obligation Quotes?

If you request a quote from an online lender, the lender will
assess your stated credit rating, income, desired loan amount,
and submit an estimated loan offer. Quotes include terms,
interest rate, closing costs, and estimated monthly payments.
This way, you can review several loan options before finalizing
your decision. After acquiring three additional quotes, compare
all four lender offer’s side-by-side. Pick the lowest rate
mortgage refi loan. Lastly, complete an online application. At
this time, the lender will review your credit report and offer
a final approval notice.

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Choosing Your Loan Repayment Period

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

One of the crucial factors to consider when getting a loan is
the length of the repayment period that you will apply for.
This will affect how much you pay each month as well as the
total amount you will pay back. As well as getting the length
of repayment period right, you need to choose the right method
of repayment so that you can afford the repayments whilst still
paying your loan back quickly. Here is some advice about
choosing the right repayment period for your loan.

Shorter period is better

Whenever you are looking to get a loan, work out what the
shortest repayment period you can afford is for the amount you
want to borrow. Although longer repayment periods will mean
that you pay less each month, you will probably pay more in
total because of the extra interest you will pay over the
longer period. Always go for the shortest period you can afford
to pay, as this will help you to pay your loan off more quickly
and also save money by paying less in interest.

Standard loan repayments

As well as working out the length of your repayment, you need
to consider the different methods of repaying your loan.
Although not all loans offer different repayment plans, it pays
to know which plan will work for you so that you can find a loan
that fits these criteria. The standard repayment method is the
most common, where you simply pay a fixed amount each month
until you have paid off the entire loan. With this type of
repayment you know that you will be paying off the loan
steadily each month, and after a certain period you will have
paid the loan off.

Graduated repayment

There are some loans on the market that offer you a graduated
repayment scheme, meaning that the loan repayments start off
small but then increase after a certain period of time. This is
good if you have taken out a loan and expect your earnings to
increase over time, and so allowing you to afford higher
repayments. This method of repayment is less common and so you
will need to shop around to find a loan like this.

Balloon payments

Some loans allow you to pay just the interest each month for a
number of years, and then pay the final balance off in one go.
This type of repayment is good if you know you will receive a
lump sum of money in a few years but need to get hold of cash
now. This type of loan means you pay little at the beginning,
but at the end pay off the final balance. However, you
generally end up paying more with this type of loan as you are
only paying interest for the first few years of the loan.

Changing the terms

Although choosing the right loan period is important, there is
always the possibility that you can change the terms if you
need to. If you find that you can afford to pay off the loan
more quickly, then try and do this, although beware of charges
for early repayment. Also, if you find yourself struggling to
pay off your loan then you should speak to your lender and try
to arrange an extension for repayment so that you can more
easily manage the payments. However, remember that the longer
you take to pay off the loan, the more you are paying overall.

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